Lemongrass is a perennial plant with thin and long leave. The leaves and the oil is

used to make medicine. The plant is indigenous to India and common in Thailand,

Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Central America, China, Guatemala, Java,

Madagascar, Sri Lanka, the West Indian islands and Zambia. The lemongrass plant

usually reaches the heights of three feet or one meter.  

Its health benefits is many. It is used for treating digestive tract spasms, stomach-

ache, high blood pressure, convulsions, vomiting, cough, achy joints (rheumatism),

fever, common cold, and exhaustion. It is also used to kill germs and a mild


The essential oil can also be applied directly to the skin for headache, stomachache, abdominal pain, and muscle pain. By inhalation, it is used as aromatherapy for muscle pain.  

In food and beverages, lemongrass is used as a flavoring. Also, commonly used as "lemon" flavoring in herbal teas and foods. It is also popularly known as Thai Food.

In manufacturing, lemongrass is used as fragrance in soaps, candles and many other cosmetics. It is also used in making vitamin A and natural citral.

Health Benefits Of Lemongrass

* Reduces pain and inflammation in joints, muscles and teeth.
* Has antipyretic properties that helps bring down high fever.
​* Inhibits bacterial and microbial growth in the body.
* Works as antiseptic for internal and external wounds.
* Provides relief from excess flatulence.
​* Increase urination and helps clean out the kidneys.