Interesting facts about Lemongrass Essential oil

The essential oil of lemongrass goes by many names such as bella mira essential, zacate limon essential oil, citroengras essential oil, sereh essential oil, and fever grass essential oil. This humble grass is well known for the taste that it adds to food and for its medicinal properties. ​Lemongrass has multipurpose benefit and you can take advantage of them every day simply using lemongrass essential oil.

What is the Genus Species? 
Cymbopogon flexuosus

Why is this information important? 
There are over 50 different species of Lemongrass as well as several different chemotypes. Many of the species are not suitable for internal or medicinal use. So always make sure that you purchase essential oil through both the common name and the genus species!

How do you measure the quality? Base on its citral content. Normally, lemongrass grown in other parts of India has about 75% citral content.

Our product (lemongrass essential oil) has 80.27%
citral content which is a testament of its high quality.
​Check the photo on your right to find out yourself.

What are the Plant Properties? 
Antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, insect repellent, sedative, tonic, vasodilator (dilates blood vessels), improves circulation, promotes lymph flow, regenerator and revitaliser.

What are the Documented Uses and Benefits of Lemongrass?
Respiratory and sinus conditions, infections (clears, bladder, kidney), regenerates connective tissue and ligaments, high cholesterol, digestive problems, fluid retention (edema), regulates parasympathetic nervous system, essential oils lymphatic system detox, varicose veins, strengthens vascular walls.

Essential Oil Trivia? Did you know that lemongrass essential oil contains 67% aldehydes? Aldehydes give oils some of the best fragrances known to the perfume and cologne industry!